7 Best AI Writing Software Tools in 2023

Tumto Siram
8 min readJul 30, 2022

If you’re a content marketer, you know how difficult it can be to create great content quickly and effectively.

But with the help of AI writing software, you can streamline your content creation process and generate amazing results.

AI copywriting tools allow you to quickly create content that is rich in semantics, as well as free from spelling and grammar mistakes.

Plus, these tools are designed to help you optimize your content for greater visibility on search engines.

With AI copywriting tools, you can create blog posts and product descriptions faster than ever before.

You can even create the perfect social media ads and email campaigns that convert better than any human-made copy.

And all this is done with the help of an intuitive interface, allowing you to quickly write powerful copies without spending hours researching keywords or thinking of catchy introductions.

But with so many AI writing tools available today, it can be hard to decide which one is best suited to your needs.

To make this decision easier, I’ve taken a look at some of the most popular AI copywriting tools on the market right now.

But before we get ahead, here’s a short disclaimer:

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you choose to purchase any of the tools mentioned in this article, I may receive a commission.

Best Ai Writing Software Tools

  1. Frase AI.
  2. Closerscopy.
  3. Simplified.
  4. Textbuilder AI.
  5. Writesonic.
  6. Copy AI.
  7. Outranking.
  8. Headlime. (Bonus)

Note: Out of all the options out there, these are my top picks. But if you want to explore more tools like this, check out the post I’ve linked below!

Best Ai Copywriting tools 2023

Now let’s have a closer look at each of these tools and find out what makes them so special.

1. Frase

Frase is an AI-powered copywriting tool that helps you create SEO-optimized blog posts faster that can rank higher on SERPs.

Besides being a copywriting tool, the other features that Frase is best known for are its assistance in research and NLP-based suggestions feature that help you write content that can perform better.

The AI-powered assistant is also helpful in providing you with data-driven insights, so you know exactly which topics your target audience is most interested in and which ones you should focus on creating content around.

Overall, Frase is great for copywriters who are looking to create optimized content quickly without having to worry about any technical aspects.

Key Features:

  • Content Brief.
  • SEO Content optimization.
  • Google search console integration.
  • Custom template maker.
  • Content scoring.
  • SEO addon for a $35 extra charge.

Frase Pricing:

Frase has three pricing plans which can get cheaper if you buy it using the yearly payment plan. Here’s the monthly plan:

  • Basic: $44.99 per month (30 documents credit and one user seat)
  • Standard: $114.99 per month (Unlimited document credit, and three user seats)
  • Business: Custom plan you’ll need to contact them for a quote.

You can Try Frase for $1 here.

2. ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy is another AI-powered copywriting tool that helps you write high-converting sales copies.

It offers a wide range of features, including a built-in thesaurus, and SEO audit tool.

ClosersCopy also has a “Framework library” that gives you access to a library of winning frameworks.

This can be very helpful to create high-converting content with ease.

Key Features

  • Thesaurus.
  • SEO and NLP audit.
  • Longform content editor.
  • 700+ frameworks to create unique content with ease.

ClosersCopy Pricing

ClosersCopy has four pricing plans which can get cheaper if you buy it using the yearly payment plan. Here’s the monthly plan:

  • Power: $49.99 per month (300 Ai runs per month with 50 SEO Audits and the option to add one more team member excluding you)
  • Superpower: $79.99 per month (Unlimited Ai runs, unlimited SEO Audit plus seat for 2 additional members)
  • Superpower squad: $99.99 per month (Same features as the Superpower plan but you can add 4 more team members excluding you).

Closerscopy Lifetime subscription plan:

The fourth pricing option is the ClosersCopy lifetime deal. They offer the lifetime deal occasionally and through their affiliate partners only.

The great thing about the ClosersCopy lifetime plans is it has different pricing plans within themselves which makes them flexible for everyone.

The three ClosersCopy lifetime plans are:

  • Superpower solo: $357 (One-time payment).
  • Power: $441 (One-time payment).
  • Superpower: $561 (One-time payment).
  • Superpower squad: $741 (One-time payment).

Another great thing about the lifetime plan is that you can pay it in three installments. If you are interested in checking out lifetime, you can find it here.

3. Simplified

If you’re looking for a content creation tool that will help you produce high-quality, engaging content, then Simplified is the perfect solution for you.

This all-in-one platform offers AI-powered content generation, graphic design, video creation, and animation capabilities, making it the ideal tool for businesses of all sizes.

With Simplified, you’ll be able to quickly and easily create content that your audience will love.

From attention-grabbing blog posts and social media updates to stunning infographics and videos, Simplified has everything you need to produce truly exceptional content.

And because it’s powered by AI, Simplified can help you produce content faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Key features:

  • Content rewriter.
  • Long-form editor.
  • 50+ Ai templates.
  • 25+ languages.
  • Built-in-Grammarly.
  • PDF and DOCX download.

Plus other features for graphic designing and video animation.

Simplified pricing

If you look at the pricing plans for Simplified in comparison to the products it offers, it’s quite cheap.

Simplified offers four pricing plans:

  • Free forever: 1000 words with access to the short-form writer.
  • Starter: $15 for 1000 words per month and 5 members. It can get low up to $9 if paid upfront for a year.
  • Small team: $30 for 25000 words per month and 5 members. It can get low up to $18 if paid upfront for a year.
  • Business: $50 for 1000 words and 40 members per month. It can get low up to $30 if paid upfront for a year.
  • Growth: $125 for 1000 words and 100 members per month. It can get low up to $75 if paid upfront for a year.

4. TextBuilder

The next one on the list is TextBuilder. It is an AI copywriting tool that helps you write high-quality content by providing you with a wide range of templates.

TextBuilder is only one of its kinds of Ai content writers with an easy drag-and-drop text editor and one-click auto writer that helps you create content quickly.

Key Features:

  • Uniques templates.
  • Easy to build frameworks for any type of blog format.
  • AIDA and PAS options to make awesome ad copy.
  • Specialized listicle generator.
  • 90+ templates.

TextBuilder pricing

TextBuilder has one of the cheapest and most flexible pricing options. Their pricing structure is best suited for someone who is just starting their business.

  • Blogger: $9 for 30,000 words per month.
  • Startup: $19 for 100,000 words per month.
  • Agency: $29 per month with a capacity to output 200,000 a month.
  • Enterprise: With a mere $39 per month you can go for 370,000-word generation per month.

You also get a 20% discount if you pay upfront for a year. Apart from that TextBuilder offers a lifetime plan which costs $99 for 30,000 words per month.

5. Writesonic

Writesonic was released in early 2020 and was first released via AppSUMO in a lifetime agreement.

Customers were very satisfied with the product and it quickly became one of the top-rated writing tools available.

The Writesonic team is constantly working to improve the quality of its product. It is also considered by many as one of the best Ai copywriting tools.

Key Features:

  • Sonic editor (Google docs like an editor).
  • Paraphrasing tool.
  • Landing pages.
  • One-click WordPress export.
  • Browser extension.
  • 50+ Ai templates.
  • Semrush integration.
  • Zapier integration.
  • Plagiarism checker integration.

Writesonic Pricing

The pricing for Writesonic is very flexible and it also happens to have a free plan which allows you a credit of 2500 words per month.

If you’re satisfied with the output you can switch to the paid plan which starts at $10 for 12000 words per month. Here’s how it goes:

  • Free Trial: $0 per month with all the features and a word limit of up to 2500 words.
  • Short-Form: Starts with $10 for 12000 words per month with one seat. The price goes higher with more words and additional seats.
  • Long-Form: This plan starts at $13 for 19000 words per month. The price goes up with more word limit and additional seats.

6. Copy.Ai

Copy.Ai is another AI-based copywriting tool that I thought deserved to be on this list. It has many tools that are useful to entrepreneurs and writers.

Copy.ai offers a wide range of copywriting templates for everything from blogs and social media to emails and website content.

The great thing is you even use some of its features for free.

Key features:

  • More than 90+ tools and templates.
  • 25+ languages.
  • Blog post wizard.
  • Freestyle content generator.

Copy.ai Pricing:

The pricing for Copy.ai is very flexible and starts with the free plan which allows you a credit of 2000 words per month. And there are different pricing plans for the pro plan.

  • Free plan: 2000 words credit and access to all the features with a one-user seat.
  • Pro plan: $19 for 15000 words, $49 for 40000 words, $99 for 100k words, and $279 for 200k words per month.

7. Outranking

Outranking is yet another AI content writer that is the perfect tool for anyone who wants an Ai copywriting tool that also has inbuilt keyword research tools.

With Outranking, bloggers can create SEO projects seamlessly and without any hassle.

Simply enter the project details, including target keywords, and Outranking will get to work creating high-quality content that is optimized for your chosen keywords.

Key features:

  • Google Search Console integration for content strategy generation.
  • Keyword research.
  • SEO projects.
  • Content templates.

Outranking pricing:

The pricing structure of Outranking is a bit higher than other Ai content writer tools out there most probably because of the understandable SEO factor.

The pricing is structured as:

  • Solo: The base price starts at $29 for 250,000 words per month and 100 keyword searches and 20 docs.
  • Pro: The Pro plan starts at $229 for 500,000 words per month and 300 keyword searches and 50 documents.
  • Company: The business plan starts at $429 for 1 million words per month and 1000 keyword searches and 100 documents.
  • Enterprise: The enterprise plan starts at $999 for unlimited words per month, 2000 keyword searches, and 200 documents.

8. Headlime (Bonus)

Powered by GPT-3, Headlime is another Ai copywriter tool that helps content creators write better headlines for their blog posts, social media posts, etc.

Key features:

  • Ai blog content generator.
  • 1700+ pre-made templates.
  • Personal copy database.
  • One-click landing page builder.
  • Landing page inspirational templates.

Headlime pricing:

Headlime comes with two pricing plans which make it easier for businesses to choose one of the plans.

  • Individual: The starter plan is $59 for 1500 credits per month with all its features.
  • Business: The business plan is $399 for unlimited credits and runs.

If you’re wondering how many words can 1500 credits bring you, it’s about 30,000 to 33,000 words.

My Take:

I have tried most of the tools listed in this post. And I found that no tool can completely replace a human writer.

But these tools can help you save time by generating ideas, and headlines and doing some of the research for you.

But, If you are looking for a complete AI-based writing tool with insane SEO features, then I would recommend Frase as I found it to be the best in writing great SEO-optimised content.

Links to the Ai Tools:

  1. Frase AI.
  2. Closerscopy.
  3. Simplified.
  4. Textbuilder AI.
  5. Writesonic.
  6. Copy AI.
  7. Outranking.
  8. Headlime.

Note: Not satisfied with the list? You can find more tools in this post.


So there you have it, my list of the best ai copywriting tools. I hope you find them helpful and that they make your life a little easier.

Remember, nothing can replace the skill of a human writer, but these tools are worth checking out.